I am regularly asked by people to explain how I colour and create my work, and get many people asking for tips. Lately this has expanded to holding Masterclasses for clients such as Nintendo and doing guest lecturing at Universities like RMIT and Billie Blue School of Design or speaking at events including Semi Permanent (Next up in NZ in May). I've been weighing up the idea of holding my own group classes in my space, I previously taught illustration at Massey University, so it's something that I am familiar with and really enjoy.

I was recently contacted by Digitaltutors.com to do an online tutorial for them, which was very interesting considering it was something I had been thinking about, It's always funny how once you start to focus on something things open up. I had never done an online tutorial before and was a little tech scared, but they sent all of the equipment I needed to do it, and other than a little static issue it was really fun to do.

If you are interested in learning step by step how I colour up an image using Photoshop you can now watch the full tutorial online here

Or, here's the taster...