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Before we talk about Well Made Clothes - the online store that is going to completely revolutionise how you shop, I first need to talk about Courtney Sanders who over the years has become one of my most inspiring friends...

We met while at University, we worked in a local retail store together and if I'm honest initially bonded over the fact that we are both so damn opinionated and love a heated discussion. We timed our lunch breaks so we could get bagels together and would cram as much conversation in as possible, fashion, politics, psychology, history, goals we were the ultimate lunch time nerds. Courtney always stuck to her guns, never one to tick mainstream boxes or kiss ass she was often treated as an outsider and under appreciated for her intelligence and drive. The opinions of others never bothered her though and she always persevered, her perseverance is one of her most admirable traits, and it is this perseverance that is finally paying off. Courtney co-founded what was inarguably one of New Zealand's most popular music and culture sites Always Sometimes Anytime. The success of ASA caught the eye of Steve Bush (who launched Smash Hits in Australia, Girlfriend, Dolly and That's Life), and after much discussion she closed down ASA to move to Sydney and become the editor of then print magazine Catalogue Magazine. Since her appointment as editor Courtney has overseen the complete redirection, redesign and quick expansion of Catalogue to become an online mecca of culture, feminism, fashion and art.

 Gemini Long Sleeve Dress -  Pageant

Gemini Long Sleeve Dress - Pageant

 Gold Active Galaxy Bangle by  Holly Ryan

Gold Active Galaxy Bangle by Holly Ryan

 Valentine Flare -  Nobody Denim

Valentine Flare - Nobody Denim

Back to Well Made Clothes...

Not one to rest on her laurels Courtney has now teamed with Kelly Elkin, who runs ALAS and Clean Cut to launch Well Made Clothes a marketplace hosting some of the world's best sustainable fashion brands. With the option to filter your shopping by what moral or environmental codes you care for most Well Made Clothes equips you with the information you need to shop responsibly and sort by personal relevance. Even if you don't shop by the value filters it's nice to know that everything you see on the site is positively made and as an added plus, fashionable.

So why is it so important to consider these values and shop with Well Made Clothes? Here are some alarming facts about our fashion industry:

Conventional non organic cotton crops use 11 percent of the world's pesticides and 24 percent of the world's insecticides all squished in to 2.4 percent of the world's land, that's a lot of chemical in such a small area.  If that makes you a little itchy how about this: Each Australian sends approximately 30kgs of used and old clothing to landfill every year, in total Australia sends $500 million of clothing and textiles to landfill every year. For the feminists: Have you considered how your clothing choices relate to your values? 85% of garment workers in Bangladesh are women, and face working long hours, for poverty-level wages and are denied basic maternity rights. Only a few facts, but pretty terrible ones right?

It is important that all of us ask ourselves what we are buying, where our money is going and how our choices affect and influence the industry, those working in it, and the environment. Well Made Clothes is about to become my new favourite website, and it should definitely become your first point of call when shopping for clothing. I've showcased here some of my favourite picks from the site, including my newest jeans from Nobody Denim that are super stretchy and soft...and not at the expense of our environment.



 Picnic Check Prom Dress -  Lowie

Picnic Check Prom Dress - Lowie

 Elaine Laced Shoe -  Filippa K

Elaine Laced Shoe - Filippa K



 Layer Party Dress -  FilippaK

Layer Party Dress - FilippaK

 Wavee Brooch -  Holly Ryan

Wavee Brooch - Holly Ryan

 Kimono Coat -  Hunter

Kimono Coat - Hunter