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For those of you who are sick of lunch photos

I like to read suggested lists of people to follow on Snapchat and Instagram, but in general I soon become disappointed, as often the authors of said lists just recycle the same popular people lists over and over. I don't know about you guys, but I don't need any more pictures of avocado on toast, so I thought I'd start to share a few favourite accounts I follow that have beautiful imagery.

First I'd like to introduce to you two instagram accounts that you will be inspired by if you appreciate sublime imagery, and adventures, no hype, just good.  Zippora Seven and Terence Connors are lovers and travellers, Zippora a model (see my illustrations of her here) and Terence a filmmaker and photographer with an eclectic mix of fashionable clients. What I love about Zippy and Terence is that you can tell their social media is in full honesty, no insta set ups just lighthearted abandon, free spirit and creative talent that makes me want to pack up everything and be just like them. Theirs is a story of lovers genuinely living the life that most instagram accounts stage. They have a palette that spans their photos, his films, their wardrobe, their tans, faded browns, oranges, turquoises and yellowed whites. Scrolling their individual feeds is like watching a 70’s golden hazy flashback film montage. I get the feeling they are creating great memories and am happy to have them breaking up all the breakfast shots in my feed.

I'd love to know some of your favourite social media accounts, let me know below who you follow and get inspired by:)



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