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Isn't mascara advertising just the biggest load of bulls*#^t you've ever seen?


Consisting of obviously fake lashes that would be too much for a drag show, punchy lines such as "Turbo Lash", and "Colossal Chaotic Lash Mascara", it can be tricky to distinguish exactly what we are being sold - a halloween costume, or some kind of sex toy. Would it be so bad to show a girl with good looking lashes that actually have the product on them?

When a new overhyped version is released, I wonder to myself if it is exactly the same formulation as last years release only with a new catch line and new ergonomically curved brush, do you feel the same? Frankly I think it's all a bit of a sham, can't we just have some honest advertising?

When it comes to my favourite mascara, after years of trying many options I have found that one of the cheapest (and still using the same tag line as they did when I was a teen) is one of the best ever - so good I've been wearing it for over 10 years.  I've tried all the fancy ones in between (just incase), but when it comes to a good mascara that doesn't need primer and suits all occasions Max Factor 2000 Calorie Mascara in dramatic black is all I need every day. As a bonus it is probably one of the only brands that also advertises mascara on lashes instead of huge falsies. 

How to Make Your Lashes Look Good in Four Steps

1. Think about the skin around your eyes too, prepare your eye area with a good eye cream, I've been using The Eye Specialist with SPF 15 by Rationale  
2. I like to prepare my eyelid with a base to even the skin colour and brighten the eyelid, I love the MAC Paintpots, I use Painterly or Ochre to lighten my lids
3. Curl your lashes with an eyelash curler , even if you miss the top two steps curling will do wonders for your lashes. I find it's a good time to scroll through social media while I'm giving them a squeeze!
4. Apply up to four coats of Max Factor 200 Calorie Mascara depending on how much va va voom you're after. I like to apply three coats in quick succession, let them dry a little and then do one more for good luck.


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 I shared this mascara on my Snapchat (@kellythompson04) the other day and it was screen snapped more than 10 times so obviously girls are still on the hunt!

Enjoy your new lashes, let me know if you agree