Racing season is upon us and with it comes the realisation that you have nothing to wear (despite a wardrobe of possible options). Luckily for us the Australian designers in particular are especially good at throwing together a frock, and the problem becomes about too many options rather than not enough. When deciding what to wear to any of the races consider your mood, and pull on some style inspiration to decide which direction is right for you.

The Mixologist - Knowing the rules, throwing them aside and creating something 100% original, the Mixologist shakes up the street style and gives us new perspective. Experiment with layering, vintage mixed with new, patterns and volume to have the most fun. 


Designer tips - Alice McCall  /  Ellery  /   ByJohnny  /  Scanlan Theodore  /  Karla Spetic  /  Alice McCall  /  Romance Was Born  / Maticevski

One of The Boys - Don't take the title the wrong way, she's sexy and feminine, but adopts masculine shapes for a cool clean aesthetic, she is probably the most comfortable field side! Keep a minimal palette and accessories to a minimum to ensure the look is chic and try an oversized hat or statement jewellery piece to dial up the glam. 


Designer Tips  -  Ellery Jacket  /  Lover waistcoat  /  Yeojin Bae pants  /  Yeojin Bae Jacket  /  Ellery Cropped Culottes  /  Bianca Spender Jumpsuit

The Lady - The lady dresser loves her classics, is all about elegance and keeps relatively safe with her choices, if it works for the movie stars why shouldn't it work for her? Grooming is always key, florals and colour bursts are big players and no hair is out of place. Throw in a statement heel to liven up this prim look.


Designer Tips  - Maticevski  /  Josh Goot  /  Lover  /  Scanlan Theodore  /  Dion Lee  /  Lover  /  Maticevski  /  Dion Lee  /  Camilla & Marc

Now you've sorted the outfit, match your grooming and enjoy the champagne! xo

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