What a difference a day makes, with the shift of a clock hand we roll in to a new year and somehow like magic we all become re-inspired, re-invigorated and ready to change our lives, the world, and our fitness regimes. I find the revitalising energy of a new year to be strange, what is it about the switch over that has such power, and why can't we bottle that up and pull it out come mid year slump? I for one would find that quite handy. A new hair style holds similar magic, but perhaps better as you don't have to wait so long - seeing yourself new can be just what you need to consider yourself in a fresh way, and the change you need to catapult many more.

"A woman who changes her hair changes her life" is something I've had in mind recently, and after more than 6 years of growing my hair, it was time for a fresh start and new direction, with the clipping of locks I not only lost years of colour damage, but also gained fresh motivation for a new and different 2015. I also hear that red heads are a dying race, so here's a little shout out in support of them!


I have very thick hair that has had a lot of colour treatment, to keep it soft and maintain the colour Biolage Matrix products are my favourites. I've been using these products for a few months now and have noticed a remarkable difference in the texture and shine of my hair, one by one my friends are being converted! Shop my picks by clicking on the products below.