It's been a little bit quiet over here on the blog lately, but with good reason as I focus on something very exciting and new. Today I've finally got a moment to sit down and share what I have been up to.

I know you've probably heard me preach numerous times in interviews and quite possibly on this blog about the importance of setting goals, well in realisation that I had been treading water for a while without new ones it was quite spectacular timing that I was asked by Andrew Archer to join forces and start a new company. Both sitting at similar points in our careers the alignment was perfect, and so for the last 8 or so months we have been in discussion, making plans, and setting new goals in preparation for the launch of UNA, our new studio and new combined focus.

UNA is a platform for creative adventures and will see us pulling not only on our illustration skills, but focusing on all of the other things we enjoy wholeheartedly -  art directing , creative consulting, working with brands, collaborating, and assisting with visual direction. UNA will see us push our work, diversify and collaborate more, and we are so excited to finally press play and start this new journey together. 

"UNA" means one, we choose to interpret it as us being one together, nothing solo or lonely about it, we are about community and greatness through combined talent and collaborative well refined ideas. We encourage open communication, shared knowledge and give each other friendly nudges to try things out, we know good things come from that extra push.

From here you will notice things changing around a bit, my website is going to have a bit of a rearrange and become a shop and blog and a lot more personal, while the UNA website will be where all the business is at. I really have to give a huge hug and shout out to all of you who have been with me so far, I recognise some names on social media who have been commenting and supporting me for many years and it makes it all worthwhile. You guys are the best, I hope you'll join me in part 2 of the Kelly Thompson journey.


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