and welcome back!

2015 was a big year.

 It was a year of change and in general I felt like I was existing in limbo. I’m sure Susan Miller knew about it all along, probably warned me in 2014, but I didn't get the memo. 2015 was a year of ups and downs, and overall I wasn't that in to it! I know people don’t share things like this often these days, but it sucked pretty badly at some points, included a mini crisis about if I ever wanted to draw again (make that a big crisis) followed by the realisation that my best friend was so so far from the best - I won’t go in to too many details, but overall I’m happy 2015 has passed!

2015 was also a year for scary yet exciting changes, the closing of my personal site and personal business was followed by the launch of my new company UNA with fellow art director Andrew Archer. These changes involved a complete shift in my life as a creative, taking me out of my solo studio as an illustrator and moving in to our new agency space as the studio director and part of a duo. Very soon we will become a team with staff so things are changing a lot around here, but it’s fun and challenging and I love it.

I also got a cat and called him Butter, he is awesome, so he was nice along the way. 

After all of that, and much more I am also happy to share that I learnt a lot about myself, what I want, what makes me happy, and what I need to do better in many aspects of my life. I’ve emerged re-motivated and different, I just had a massive life clean and now I can get on. 

It has been almost a year since closing my personal site. I never expected it would experience a renaissance as initially I found its closing extremely freeing. I was happy to leave my old folio, over 300 blog post and just let it go to focus on UNA. After about eight months I realised I did want it back after all - I really missed engaging with you and also having my own space that wasn't purely my work space, it became important for me to maintain my identity outside of my agency and keep a spot for me and also everyone who has been part of what has made me the Kelly of today.

 I’m so happy to be back here again with fresh perspective and am looking forward to hanging out with you here and speaking about my little community that I love. Hopefully this site will be interesting for you and be a way for me to give something back, because you guys have been so awesome throughout my whole career and I am so grateful to have you.

So what’s happening in my new online home? Well thanks to the very lovely Elspeth Dick who very patiently worked in her spare time for me I’ve now had a little facelift. I still have the “Just Ask” capabilities so I can share industry things (or anything) with you, why not give it a try and start the conversations by submitting a question to the right of this screen in my “Submit a Question to Just Ask” box.

The blog is refreshed and will be a positive place for fashion, art and design primarily, I promise to include lots of beautiful imagery and where possible keep you in the loop with all that’s happening in the studio. One new and exciting edition is the Love List, this is a place for me to share products, prints and various items that I genuinely love and think you will too - a space for me to introduce you to new things and really support the people I am loyal to. The Love List also has instant shop capabilities, so if you like the shoes you can click on them and head straight to the shop to buy them direct. I promise it won’t become commercialised, it will be personal and include things like the book I just read that my friend wrote, my new favourite shoes from a designer I respect, and fun things that will brighten up your day.

My main goal for this site is that it’s not just all about me, there are a million blogs like that already, you don’t need another. I want you to involve yourself, ask questions and join in on conversations, I hope to engage you, inspire you and encourage you!  I have loved getting the little Snapchat messages encouraging me about my blog relaunch,  I always notice the regular people dropping likes and comments so know that I see you and love you for sticking around!

I hope you will enjoy the next part of the journey and this new site, and very much hope that you will stay around for this next stage with me.

Thanks everyone, and extra big squishy hug thanks to you Ellie, you're the best



Photo by my very talented friend Adam Custins