Hey guys!

I hope your week is going amazingly so far, mine not so great I have a flu that won't bugger off, but while on home lock down I am managing to get through a lot of work....because that's how I rest, by working at home.

We've been hustling hard lately, UNA is going through some expansion (Can't wait to tell you about that soon), we've had lots of clients on the go, and at night I've been making plans for the blog part of this site. My intention for this space is for it to become an inspiring spot to visit for those particularly interested in creativity, art, fashion and positive discussion. As you can see already, it's not all about me, it's about sharing the work of inspiring artists , discovering inspirational lifestyles and sharing general advice and positive influence. Inserting colour in every which way possible is always a high priority too!

Moving forward and embracing the idea of community I am currently looking for contributors who also share similar passions and want to be part of this platform. Obviously the ability to write is a bit of a priority, but hey look at me, I'm no pro, maybe you want to do a monthly hilarious collage no words required. Whatever you would like to contribute, if you think it is of relevance, is inspiring or empowering (in a more positive way than Beyonce's latest), be it creative, fashionable, hilarious or opinionated I would love to hear from you. Flick me an email, tell me about yourself and what you're passionate about, let's create some fun content together and give people like you a great spot for daily inspiration.

I look forward to hearing from you soon!