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So you got swept up in that monochrome fashion movement, you found that "perfect" white tee, created that capsule wardrobe and read all there is to know about elusive French style.

...but now when you open your wardrobe each item looks the same, you look the same and all the people around you look exactly the same, thank God you're the funny one right?

 Don't beat yourself up as you stare in the mirror then at new season Gucci and think "what have I done!?", you might feel bored now the wave is hitting the shore, but on the plus side you have all the building blocks you need and can now reintroduce colour to your life with accessories.

After stripping back to black, white and grey colourful accessories might initially feel as horrifying as a giant red pimple smack in the middle of your chin, but start gently and like any good gateway drug you will soon be thirsty for more and wondering how you lived without that splash of bright in your life. 







Kelly Thompson illustrator blog Melbourne.

Start Softly

If you're curious about colour, but frightened start softly, colour doesn't always have to be bold and bright. Pretty pastels are a feminine addition to any monochromatic outfit, and will also do wonders for your complexion, an undervalued positive side effect! If you're not sure about a full block pastel consider a monochromatic pattern with a touch of colour.  Sunglasses, socks and scarves are a great way to gently introduce colour back in to your life. 

Here are a few shoppable soft and gentle options

Add a Primary

A wardrobe of denim, black, white, navy and grey is the perfect platform for primary colours which look bold, clean and confident when paired with neutrals. Well cut knits, feature skirts and accessories in red, yellow and blue make for striking contrast when sitting beside a clean white tee or pair of dress pants. Primaries are my favourite colours for lifting mood, injecting a bit of punch to an outfit and having a little fun. Start with something small, it will soon become a favourite addition to any monochrome outfit. 

Shop red, yellow and blue

Kelly Thompson illustrator blog Melbourne.

Be Brave with a Feature Piece

Nothing breaks up an outfit and grabs more attention than an incredible feature piece, think patterns, bold colours, quirky details and special extraordinary pieces. This is where vintage regularly takes the cake and you can find much luck during sale seasons. Watch out for limited edition pieces, contemporary and up and coming designers, and have fun with these pieces!




Embrace colour with accessories and have fun with the options, they're the quickest way to inject new life in to outfits and rejuvenate older pieces. I'd love to hear some of your favourite ways to wear colour, let me know if you have any other tips!