My appreciation for vintage has had a resurgence lately with a run of lucky finds that could not be equalled by anything current season.

I forgot vintage for a while as I was swept in to a social media influenced lust for all things new, a sucker for advertising filled with retail desire. It was when a couple of clients paid me very late (tisk tisk) that more important things (read rent) took priority over fashion and during this spending drought I detoxed and realised that I actually don't mind if I miss out after all. I just stopped shopping, skipped a season, and I kinda don't care. Mentioned clients are now squared up and life has options again, but I haven't got the taste back, nothing is grabbing me other than the satisfaction of finding something different.

Today while aimlessly strolling in a second hand store I looked up above a rack and my eyes rested upon this ridiculously prissy hand knit "K" jumper. Backlit with neon lights it was as if the heavens were delivering it to me, it had my initial on it and had to be mine.