It wasn't until last year that I got my first brand new handbag, I've always preferred a clutch, they're feminine and compact, no fuss, just fun. I've never understood the appeal of a large bag, for one I have no idea why a girl needs such a full bag if returning home the same day, and secondly they always look bulky, spare a thought for your shoulders!

Coming to the party, clutches have exploded full of colour and quirk, there are so many affordable options if you're just in for a flutter, and they are the simplest way to add personality to your outfit (especially in winter when you're sad faced and grey). These are some of my favs, get amongst it and lighten up!

1.  Poppy Lissiman  /  2. Skinny Dip Bonnie faux Fur Clutch  /  3. Henten  /  4.  Skinny Dip Snap Clutch  /  5.  Alexander Mcqueen /  6.  DVF Camera Clutch  /  7. Kenzo Oui Clutch   /  8.  Zhuu Portrait Pouch /  9. Poppy Lissiman Game Over/  10. Robot Clutch  /  11. Spurr Leopard Beaded Clutch  /  12.  House of Holland