I know I talk about colour a lot, but working with it in focus every day it does become a huge driver in many of my decisions and my mood, could say it is an obsession of mine (things could be worse). There is something about metallic royal colours, by royal I mean deep blue, green and burgundy, the metallic modernises otherwise old fashioned colours, and the second you put them on you feel instantly glamorous. Teamed with gold or coloured jewels you have instant cocktail appeal and are ready for date night adventures.

The Autumn/Winter collections by Ruby and Liam are their best yet, after being a long time wearer of the brand I did start to feel like I had it all, so I am enthused to see collections of new shapes, textures, and in particular more luxe party dresses (that don't kill the wallet). Both brands have grown up, become more refined and slick and contain modern takes on classic shapes and those special feature items that can be so hard to find.

This elegant number by Ruby drops in perfect timing for Valentines day on Sat 14th, so if you're in New Zealand be sure to run in to store to grab it for date night, or if overseas you can shop it online and save it for the next special occasion. I also like the idea of wearing it in to winter, with a long sleeve turtle neck underneath teamed with a textural coat, we could definitely make this an every day piece. 

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