When deciding on a title for this post I asked myself if writing a post about gifts to gift yourself this Christmas was a little off track as far as Christmas spirit goes. Then I decided that after a year of hard work, we all deserve some little treats just as much as our loved ones do, and if that's not enough convincing, well you can always just gift these to someone else instead right? 

One of my favourite and (most distracting things) at this time of year is when all the online retailers start to email some of their gift picks, I usually read them while saving files, waiting for client feedback, or while I eat my breakfast, (in true multitasking manner), and this year I thought I'd share some of my favourite finds. The key when self gifting is to keep the budget under control (unless you're loaded), this means you will remain happy without sneaky guilts. Personally over Christmas holidays I love books, as it's the only time you can relax, read them and be inspired. Christmas is also the perfect time for primping and indulging in beauty treats, so make sure you have some favourites coming in the mail for rest and indulgence!

Here are some great gifts for you...or your loved ladies, all priced under $200, yeya!

Can't wait for the Christmas mail delivery!