Acne Cap similar here  /  Everlast Tank  /  Acne Four Tela Skirt  /  Elliott Metal Knuckle Piece  /  PUMA by Hussein Chalayan Sneakerslasses/  Lover Denim Crop  /  D_Luxe Superfine Bracelets  /  Cotton On Mesh Shorts  /  PUMA by Hussein Chalayan Sneakers

Komono Hyppolyte Glasses  /  Lover Denim Crop  /  D_Luxe Superfine Bracelets  /  Cotton On Mesh Shorts  /  PUMA by Hussein Chalayan Sneakers 

Suicidal Tendencies Cap  /  Stolen Girlfriends Checkmate Scarf  /  Stolen Girlfriends Choker Tee  /  D-Luxe Superfine Chains  /  Nike Free 1.0 Sneakers  / Nike Shorts, similar here 

Komono Pied De Poule Watch  /  Everlast Tank  /  Stolen Girlfriends Moulin Rouge Knit  /  Stolen Girlfriends Hell For Leather Trackies


Komono Dreyfus Glasses  / Vintage Kate Sylvester Backpack  /  American Apparel Bodysuit  /  Stolen Girlfriends Reveal Crew 

Komono Watch  / D-Luxe Superfine Chains  /  Camilla and Marc Tank from Green with Envy   /  Backpack Stylists own, similar here 

Glasses Stylists Own  /  Rag and Bone Top from Green With Envy  /  Stolen Girlfriends Reveal White Crew 
Model Marlene from Chadwick Models  /  Photography by me  /  Styling Gabrielle Elliott  /  Makeup Lucid Hair and Makeup  /  Assistant and RetouchingVanessa Bong 

I have taken a huge extended break from shooting to focus on my illustration, but lately I really started to miss the fun days of play so I gathered a little team and ventured out for a shoot day. It is something that I am going to do regularly for my blog, it's so much fun ( and a great excuse to leave my desk!). I have also decided to include little interviews with those involved so you can get to know more about my team. This time around I decided to interview Marlene our beautiful model...

What is your full name?

Marlene Eleonore Kafka. I was named after Marlene Dietrich.

Where are you from?

I was born in Germany an have also lived in America before Australia


How did you come to be signed with Chadwick Models? 

I entered the Girlfriend magazine model competition, but I didn't get far with that. Two months after the competition FRM models wanted to meet me. After a couple of meetings they asked my parents to pay $2,500 to be on their books. We were a little surprised by the costs so my Dad then asked Chadwick if that was normal and they asked to see me, one month later I was on their books instead!

During our shoot you talked about your travels, can you tell our readers a little more?

I was born in Mannheim, Germany. When I was two years old my parents and I moved to Somersworth in the USA. My sister Sophie was born there in 2001. When I was almost five we all packed up and moved back to Germany. We lived in Einhausen for a year then moved closer to the Primary School in Darmstadt, at that time I didn't know Australia even existed! In 2007 my Dad got offered a job in Melbourne and so we packed up again and moved to Australia. We weren't Australian citizens so after my brother was born we had to move back to Germany, then my Dad was offered another job in Australia so we moved back! Now my family and I are living in a beautiful house in Greensborough. I have also travelled on holiday to many different countries. I have been to Germany, America, Australia, New Zealand, Turkey, Romania, France, Spain, Austria, Greece and Switzerland.

Heels or Sneakers?

I love both. High heels are always a bit more elegant, but they are a bit hard to walk in sometimes. Sneakers are always comfortable though.

You have perfect skin, what is your beauty regime?

I guess I'm lucky, but i don't eat many sweets and I always wash my face before I go to bed.

What are your goals for the future?

I'd love to be a famous model. If the modelling doesn't work out, I would love to be a Drama teacher, although when I was six I wanted to be a Vet, so things change.

What was your favourite part of our shoot day?

I enjoyed everything a lot, but my favorite part was probably the end. Its always nice to finish and to know you had fun while working. I liked the picnic too and that the shoot was outside was cool.

What is your favourite thing about working as a model?

I love getting my hair done and wearing all the different styles of clothes. At almost every shoot I get to meet new people and I am good at that after being about 6 different schools.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

I love singing and I also enjoy listening to music. Sometimes I print out lyrics and just sing them over and over until I can't get the song out of my head.

Who is your dream modelling client?

I can't really decide after only being in the fashion buisness since the start of March, but at this point the ones I would like the most are Miu Miu, Prada, Miss Selfridge and Topshop. I like Malene Birger because of its name, (the clothes are nice too of course)