This is a piece I wrote for AlwaysSometimesAnytime blog 


I have a piece of paper by my desk, I've had it for a long time, I tore it from a magazine I was reading on a train in Geneva.  Somehow, despite losing half a wardrobe in Croatia, the little piece of paper managed to survive the journey home and now sits and looks at me every day. It likes to pop into my line of sight when I am on a tight deadline and sometimes I read it out loud and laugh to myself. It's always there and has become a source of regular inspiration, or perhaps I should say motivation. 

"Waiting used to be part of the creative process."

The letters are scuffed from time in a pocket, and have taken a slightly yellow tinge, but the statement provides much thought, particularly when creative insight with next day turn-around is so often requested. 

The life of a creative can actually be creatively restricting, cutting ideas at the bud with immediate deadlines or perceived financial value. I come to dream of time, it has become my ultimate goal. 

I think back to days of University "stress", where projects lasted a month and had us sweating our hangovers, the day before deadline under much pressure after three weeks of prior leisure. What I would do for a month long timeline - hindsight huh, what a fucker. 

At present I separate my inspiration from motivation. I am motivated by the thought that one day I will be in a position to be more selective and have freedom to take time and focus. 

As far as inspiration goes, a recent client has inspired me with a brief that forced use of bright pink (my most hated colour), this has filtered new bursts of coloured confidence into my personal work and finds me interested in funny things, like the contrast between the white hair of a man in a bar and the turquoise wall behind him (could be the wine?). 

My oversubscription to fashion social media had me feeling bored after fashion weeks, but fabric patterns and makeup visuals from companies such as M.A.C have filtered in and are splashing around with the new brights and ideas on my page. 

With my motivation in mind, and in sight, on my wall, my inspiration is heavily stacked and I have become somewhat addicted to the thrill of creating and becoming better at my craft. For now I fill my time right up until there is nothing left,  and it runs fast, but soon (hopefully sooner than I anticipate) time is going to become part of my creative process again.