As the years pass I become more and more obsessed with colour, I fear that one day I am going to be one of those multi highlighted "art grannies" who combine all colour and texture without edit and maybe take it a little too far. Lately my colour bug has had me hooked on golds, yellows and greens and Im currently under a self imposed wardrobe yellow ban! 

My interest is most definitely reflected in my surroundings with my indoor jungle and warm toned interior, but lately it has found me re-infatuated with gems, and costume jewellery pieces. Part of me wants to just start fresh as a jeweller so I can immerse myself in metallics and faceted colour all day, but instead I anticipate that you are about to see a new selection of jewel based imagery from me.

Here are some of my current favourite jewels that abide to my current palette and have my eyes sparkling with lust all day.