Wow this week went fast and was particularly busy, but in between saving files I managed to get a good amount of drooling in over a few delightful things. Here are my top six from the week ending Feb 4th.


1. Lanvin Apege Minaudiere

 - I love this so much it almost equals six swoon items and completes this blog post. Unfortunately this is a complete daydream item for me, so I am off to work on my client list in the hope that one day it may be mine.


2. Makeup for Versace Haute Couture S/S 13

- Seen here on Joan Smalls, created by Ms Pat McGrath and her team, I never knew you could get fluoro makeup and I love this modern yet tribal look. I need to figure out how to create fluoro tones in Photoshop, this is must have illustration makeup!


3. Der Raum Bar, Richmond, Melbourne -

You need to be a member, friends of a member or particularly interesting to get inside, and once in you are served drinks that take beverages to an all new sensory experience. Sadly

Der Raum

is about to close its doors, with much sadness my tongue says goodbye.


4. Glassons -

When I was younger I lived in a small town and my friends and I would drive an hour to go to the mall so we could shop at Glassons. My taste was a little different then, superflare white bumster pants and crop tops were the go, and boy did me and my pals give those pants a run for their money on the dance floor. These days


 has stepped up, revamped with a new


, online


 and on trend fashion focus, engaging shoppers with their girl next door charm and affordable items.

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5. Deadly Ponies Mr Molten Bag -

Deadly Ponies have just released

Mr Molten

for pre order. Made from "bubbled" lambs leather this bag is a textural sensation I cant wait to rub my hands over.



. Beyonce's Superbowl performance


13 minutes of my life well spent. You know that movie Freaky Friday with Jaime Lee Curtis where the mother and daughter swap bodies? Well I wish that somehow that could happen with Beyonce and I, if only for one day. Totally blowing all memories of her


performance, and the Superbowl (which was where this performance took place) Beyonce made us all remember that she is truly Sasha Fierce. 

That's all for this weeks swoon, I'm off to practice my dance moves.