You know those times when you think to yourself "I wish someone had told me that" - well I had one of those moments and I thought I'd tell you about it in the hope it may save you from experiencing what I did this morning. 

I arrived at the airport at 7am today after a late night madly finishing projects, tired but happy, and ready to head overseas for a well overdue break. When I arrived at the airport I was told I was unable to board the flight because my passport had less than six months until expiry - it had five months and three weeks left, just to make life extra awesome. Who knew that the expiry on your passport was not the actual expiry date, and who knew that with over five months remaining you couldn't travel for ten days? I asked around, and I'm not the only one who didn't, so in the hope that none of you will experience the giant gut punch of finding out your travel daydreams are only to be daydreams, I'm telling you.