Never in my life have I been even slightly inspired by or interested in wearing T-shirts - T-shirts were for the gym, or sick days or tomboys and I never really got it. Since living in Australia something has happened to me, maybe I've become lazy, maybe I just got sick of having skirts and dresses and nothing casual - I'm not entirely sure, but for some reason suddenly all I want to do is throw on a crisp tee and be done with it. Perhaps it is nothing to do with any of the negatives above, and maybe entirely to do with all of the fun tees around at the moment, tees that are made for girls, not boys tees in girls sizing, not in any way daggy, but fashion tees for girls like me. At the moment I am playing around with a few tee designs of my own, but in the meantime here are some on my shopping list below. 

Above Etre Cecile Tee from Green With Envy Boutique