Take Time Kelly Thompson Illustration

A little reminder for myself and for others

In 2010 I packed up my life in Wellington to embark on a three month travel adventure. The trip was both the most amazing thing I have ever done, and yet at the same time ruined my life, as since then all I have really wanted to do is that all over again, instead of many of the things that are the reality of my daily existence.

One day during this trip while on a train from Paris I tore a little quote from a magazine that read "Waiting used to be part of the creative process". I forget who the article was about, but their words struck a chord, and somehow that little piece of paper survived the following two months of travel and almost six years later it sits under my computer screen where I stare at it daily....often with a little sigh, usually followed by an extreme deadline. 

It is that little piece of paper that keeps me thinking about making more time for important things, and for my creativity, and it was the inspiration for my newest print "Take Time".  Maybe you have something you need to take some time for, maybe a friend does, now you can have this as inspiration, just like I have my little piece of paper.

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