Anyone following anything fashion related on social media has no doubt been feed bombed with Fashion Week imagery over the last couple of weeks. Our hearts yearn, our wallets rattle, and once we get over the visual exhaustion majority of us are left inspired to mix up our wardrobes. Like many of you, some of my favourite outfits are seen street style, and once the shows are over I search for my favourites amongst a sea of photographs, if not for my own wardrobe inspiration, then as part of my illustration inspiration.

I always lean a little towards preppy, so this shot, (although the outfits are simple) really stood out for me. The key to modern preppy is to mix classics with a little flirt - taking something classic, 40s/50s uptight, a cashmere knit for example, and mixing it with contemporary cuts, colours or accessories. Designers closer to home such as Kate Sylvester expertly master this balance, school girl skirts with unbuttoned shirts, and short sleeve knits with boyish pants or leather exude intelligence with just enough sass. Keep accessories minimal and classic so you always look crisp, and remember a good book is always the best addition. 

 Here is how would take this look and make it my own


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Outfit Two - Shop Items Here

Have fun!