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Today's Take A Look At post is dedicated to the Instagram account of fashion photographer Dan Roberts 

After the inimitable Bill Cunningham passed away the baton of my favourite street style photographer was unquestionably passed to my friend Dan Roberts aka Threadslike (actually he was wrestling to take it from Bill anyway). His Instagram account is one I religiously follow, often populated by updates in threes, updates taken at fashion weeks around the world capturing the fun street style, not the people vying for attention. What I love about Dan's account, similarly to the account of Terence Connors (who I have also profiled) is his underlying palette, no matter what or who his subject, his photos are uniquely his with creamy whites, blue tones blacks and peachy hues. With many calling themselves street photographers Dan stands out as a photographer with a recognisable style, an eye for composition and for also skill at spotting the good stuff. He's also a super nice guy and ridiculously down to earth, so ditch a Kardashian and fill your Instagram feed with his inspiring visuals instead.


Take a look at Dan's Instagram here


I'd love to hear some of your favourite Instagram accounts too, share yours below:)