On a cloudy, but super muggy day all you want is something extra lightweight to throw on. You may recognise Brooke Tyson's work from a previous post I did about her and her fantastic Tonto print. I'm still rocking that print a year later, wore it yesterday and every time I wear it I receive comments about it, especially from males, turns out boys love a super colourful outfit! This year Miss Tyson is back again to inject one of her fun prints in to summer, and once again it has become an instant go to outfit because it is so damn comfy to wear, the fabric is almost tissue soft which has been a bit of a saviour in the recent 35 degree+ Melbourne days. On the day we shot these pics it was ridiculously hot, but cloudy and grey, I couldn't resist an impromptu swim!

Visit the Brooke Tyson shop hereand check out her colourful summer pieces, this print is also available in a cute short onesie if you want to take comfort one step further.

As an extra treat my readers receive 20% off when you enter kt20% at checkout (non sale items).

Enjoy the summer!

Clothing -

Brooke Tyson

 /   Sunglasses -

Ray Ban

/  Sneakers  -

Karthryn Wilson

Photographer  -

Jo Duck