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Trading stocks, taking calls and sealing deals, there is something about putting on a suit that gets you ready for business!

In my ultimate defiance of owning any kind of capsule wardrobe I have amassed a collection of clothing that makes me happy, but at times can be a little impractical. An example of this is that until now I haven't owned a single pair of black pants, but in my wardrobe you will find red, lilac, lemon, airforce blue and a variety of vintage pastel tones. While these are all very fun and make for much outfit pleasure, now that I have an agency and am representing others I felt it important to add a couple of basics (just a couple) for times when I need to look professional. 

In saying this when wearing a suit I don't want to look like a "suit", I still want to look like myself, so the first thing I did was take up the pants to a less formal length. The shorter length makes the outfit instantly more youthful,  I can now wear the pants without a high shoe, I can wear them in summer with a cute crop top and some sandals. Of course this suit could still be very formal, it's all in the styling, cropping the length just gave me many more options.

This suit is impeccably finished in a beautiful lightweight wool by Godwin Charli

Suit - Godwin Charli  /  Shoes - Habbot  /  Jumper - vintage  / Scarf  - Vintage  / Bag - Marc by Marc Jacobs


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