Although I am the whitest Leo in all of the land the sun is my favourite friend, warming me up, lifting my mood and always leaving me re-inspired after a day together. After years working inside I have become so pale I need to be a little careful though, particularly for the initial few days of a holiday - there is nothing worse than a first day fry that leaves you sun afraid for the rest of your trip! Despite this I am still a little irked out by sunscreen, its sliminess and all the random ingredients included in it, a lot of the time I prefer to watch my exposure and selectively cover up with a shirt.

There is something about an oversized men's style shirt - a feeling of relax and comfort, and an undeniable sexiness. This silk shirt by Stolen Girlfriends Club has the perfect balance of femininity with its sheer animal print back, whilst encapsulating all that is great about a men's shirt. Sometimes girls just wear it better, sorry boys. Get yours in black and now on sale here