There really is nothing like a prescription of sunshine to reinvigorate your energy, motivation and happiness. Spring has arrived and despite the ringing of sneezes in our ears the city has re-awoken and it feels so good. Of all the seasons Spring is the season of femininity and the time to ditch dowdy and turn over a more soft...petal, here are some key points about how to maximise your Spring satisfaction

1. Embrace fair skin and lighten the colours and textures of your wardrobe to compliment it - choosing pastels and nude tones will soften your complexion, choose fabrics that are a couple of shades darker or lighter than your natural skin tone so they don't wash you out. Creating outfits using varying tones of one colour will create an elegant, refined spring outfit. 

2. Clear out your lingerie drawer - There is no more hiding that slack strapped bra under snuggly jumpers, your bust is about to be visible again (to some extent), and you want to make sure it's pointing in the right direction. Get rid of anything out of shape and restock with supportive pieces in the correct size to streamline your silhouette. Introducing some fashion florals or patterns can also be fun as your clothing becomes more sheer.

3. Adjust your makeup - You complexion will naturally brighten thanks to warmer temperatures, a touch of sun and general seasonal adjustments, but adding the right makeup can also help you look dewy and fresh. MAC creme blushers are my favourites (particularly colour Lilicent) for rosy cheeks, and mildly toned lipglosses will have you looking healthy and radiant. Adding a light brush of highlighter to the tops of your cheek bones, brow bones and the bridge of your nose will also brighten you right up. I love MAC Pearl Drops and Soft and Gentle pressed shimmer powder.

4. Beef up the buff - in more ways than one! Dry brushing your skin from your toes to your neck for 15 minutes before a shower will detoxify winter nasties and boost circulation for radiance, cellulite removal and lymphatic drainage. Combine this with an increased exercise regime, and come summer your skin will glow, your body will be more toned and you will feel 100% better in more revealing outfits and swimwear.

Bring on the sun!

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