I asked a few of my male friends what they were doing for Valentines Day, they all said the five exact same words " I don't believe in it" as if it were some kind of mythical creature or Santa, was there some kind of Valentines man script? I asked if they were romantic all the time, all three of them said "yes", I squinted my eyes with much skepticism and defensively asked if they really wanted to be that boyfriend who didn't do anything for Valentines Day? They frowned, Kelly -1, boys - 0.

 Fuelled by the 50 Shades of Grey movie trailer (full credit to Beyonce and editing, ignore the full package), there's a feeling in the air that people are a little The theory that we live in the most prudish society of all time (accepting of all, but participating in nothing), is hopefully getting a shake up, because let's face it, when we get to 70 do we really want to be the remembered as the boring generation? Not I! 


Feeling inspired by the new Marc Jacobs x Zara Bayne luxury erotic gear ( above ^), and my forever romantic friends, I created this illustration incorporating the Marc Jacobs pasties. Creating it reminded me how I used to love drawing pieces with more of an erotic feel (have I too become a prude?), and also found me casually browsing on ASOS who have nailed the affordable/sexy market with a collection of fun lingerie and accessories!. I've chosen a select few for you to shop below, share them with your lover, or just smile in the knowledge that you're sexy under your clothes, whatever you do, let's make Valentines Day last forever!


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