find the beauty elements just as fascinating as the clothing on show and regularly check the MAC Cosmetics Tumblr page in equal amounts to any show coverage. As a makeup wearer it is very easy to slip in to an everyday (same same) makeup routine, and nothing encourages me more to experiment with my own face and the faces of my illustrations than a fashion week behind the scenes makeup snap. The makeup artists and hair stylists deserve a shout out for their tremendous efforts and creativity, you really have to hand it to them, I don't know if I could handle a week of 4am wake ups (particularly as a MAC makeup artist who is expected to be groomed at all times).

I decided to draw this look last night as I waited for some client feedback - possibly quite a nerdy thing to admit, go and relax or do some exercise Kelly, but I found myself late night drawing away. The look from the Karla Spetic MBFWA show reminded me of my glitter filled youth, but it was the white eyeliner that was an instant standout for me as it was something I could most definitely try out at home. I've included below a little step by step colouring grid as I know some of you really love that element of my blog. Warning she looks a bit creepy if you stare at the layers too long.


Photographs thanks to MAC Tumblr