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Kelly Thompson blog - Rationale Sebocyte

It’s not often that you get to meet the chemists and creators behind your skincare, let alone be the recipient of a hug at one of their events, but this is the charm of Rationale skincare, and founder Richard Parker - approachability, passion and personality in a stark world of cosmetic mumbo jumbo.

At a recent Rationale store event Richard candidly told a story of the value of skincare vs injectables and in reference to ageing gracefully he spoke of a 70 year old client, “ yes she was wrinkly, but she looked good, her skin looked good”, this is what Rationale is about, working with your skin so you look your best no matter what your age. Refreshing don’t you think?

Having first tried Rationale's six step range four years ago via a regulated sample delivery (so I could test the full range before buying, something they practiced prior to their clinics opening), I was simply amazed by the difference in my complexion after only a few weeks. I was suggested Rationale by a beauty therapist, and although I initially thought it expensive, in a frustrated bid to cure ongoing acne problems I gave it a go...This was the single best decision I have ever made for my skin. Since that great day my acne has been cured, my scarring has faded and my skin texture has dramatically improved, not at all expensive when I consider the happiness and confidence it has delivered, the quality of the product and how long it lasts. My skin has had time to heal and change thanks to Rationale’s support and continues to improve with use.

I say it to anyone who will listen that Rationale is the first brand I have ever tried that actually delivers on its promises, a rarity in a world of cosmetic propaganda. At present I am using a combination of their products including their Sebocyte range which has calmed an end of the year stressed skin breakout situation and brought me back to neutral again with little scarring. This regime was prescribed to me at their Toorak salon after a deep skin scan, which gives their therapists a photographic record of the different layers and parts of my skin. It is a little confronting at first to see sun damage or enlarged pores magnified and photographed, but their skilled staff now have record of any damage or problem areas and are able to track repair and progress with follow up scans in future. I was excited to learn that UV damage can be turned back after all!

It’s rare for you find a skin care brand that has you wondering if you will ever need any other, but Rationale has found me in that exact position and best of all it's free of nasties and not tested on animals (I've asked them many times). 

Give it a try and thank me later ;)

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