Undone Journal (a blog you should most definitely check out) is having the best little giveaway and a week of illustration inspiration! Four illustrators including myself are giving away a print each, and throughout the week there will be interviews with us over on the Undone blog.

So how can you win a print? Post the work you want on Instagram
 - Tag Undone (@undonejournal) and the artist who's work you would like to win. (list of Insta names below)
. Pop on the hashtag #sketchyladies
 and make sure you’re following the artist and Undone Journal on Instagram, too easy! You can enter to win all, some, or just one special work, as many times as you want.

Good luck!

1. Untitled #2 (Zippora) by Kelly Thompson (@kellythompsoncreative)

2. Haven’t You Ever Looked Up? by Henrietta Harris (@henriettaharris)

3. 4. Space Raccoon by Sarah Larnach (@sarahlarnach

4. Ghostworld by Eleanor Barker (@ohdearella)

Please note this competition is open to residents of New Zealand and Australia only. All prizes will be drawn Wed 26 March 2014.