An article by guest contributor Tracey Clayton

The Catch 22 of physical beauty, that is – an aspect revolving around it is that one inevitable question – are we doing it for them or ourselvesWhatever the case and whoever the reason, we won’t deny we love looking good and feeling great; after all, beauty’s always been (predominantly) in the eye of the beholder, so – there’s something for everyone. What we particularly love about beauty is the factor of improvement. These days, there’s plenty of “outside” help to work with us on our upgrading/changing appearance and working on our inner beauty, alongside. Truth is, inner and outer beauty work together – when you are feeling good, you’ll look great; when you look good, you’ll ooze happiness and self-esteem. And what’s wrong with that? Here are some of the best tips to rely on when looking to enhance your already gorgeous exterior.


Healthy is beautiful

No matter what you wear, it won’t look good on you unless you are healthy. The way we treat our body on the inside directly reflects on the outside appearance, and we’re not talking just about the physique (being skinny/slender/overweight). It shows in your overall posture, on your face and the way you carry your body. So, in order to look good (or better than you already do), make sure you eat healthy and exercise at least three times a week. Also, drink a lot of water and get as much sleep as you can. A rested mind means a rested face and body, which then means – a person ready to take on the world.


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Invest in a hairdo

With a hairdo complimenting your facial features, you won’t have to wear as much makeup! Depending on what features of your face you wish to enhance and which to hide, a good hairstylist will know what hairdos to suggest and which to forbid. For instance, if you want to hide a larger set of ears, you’ll go with a longer do that covers them up; if you want to take attention away from your bigger nose, you’ll opt for a side-parting and a fuller hairstyle. A good hairdo will visually transform your face, so don’t be stingy when it comes to paying your hairdresser!


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Treat your skin

Unfortunately, not everyone is blessed with killer genetics; some of us actually need to use something other than soap!

If you are having problematic skin that keeps torturing you with blemishes, irritation, acne, if it’s too dry or to oily to touch, if you can’t go a day without a new spot or you’ve noticed that those “fine lines” aren’t that fine any longer, this is the right time to start treating your skin with the right product. We’d suggest visiting a dermatologist (if you’ve got more serious problems with the skin) or going for a facial at your cosmetician once a month, Kelly loves to get a facial from The Doctor's Studio in Melbourne. Face treatments are a non-invasive way of releasing the skin of stress and helping it purify. Some more intense and invasive facials are also welcome, if your dermatologist and cosmetician advise so.


Find your style

You’ve probably noticed that recent fashion revolves around banana shaped girls (straight body with no curves) which makes it almost impossible for 80% of girls around the world to wear clothes they fall in love with. This is why you should forget all about trends and focus on finding your personal style, a timeless statement to who you are as a person and as a fashion lover. Embrace your body, learn all about it and work with it. Emphasise your curves wearing the right piece of shapewear under your body-con dresses (body shapers will do wonders, lifting up and flattening all the right parts), wear colours that agree with your skin colour; opt for sizes that fit your body (never go a size too small to press the body or a size too big to hide it), and express your character through the items you wear. That way, you’ll not only look amazing but you’ll feel great telling the world “this is who I am – deal with it”. Fierce!


Adjust the attitude

We all have troubles, insecurities and worries. However, showing them through your behaviour won’t do any good. Instead of constantly being negative, nagging and having a frown on your face - smile, get out of your head a bit and enjoy the ride. You’ll automatically look happier, more confident and, consequently, attract more people.


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