This is a post I wrote for Always Sometimes Anytime Blog July 12th

A recent decision to take a mid-winter holiday threw me into thoughts of body exposure months too early - the light stress that accompanies those thoughts firmly in tow. While the specific emotion "give a fuck" soon emerged in relation to upping my exercise regime, I did decide to start thinking about getting my skin summer-ready.

Coincidentally around the same time I made that decision a beautiful bundle of Sans skincare arrived in the mail for me from creator Lucy Marr of Lucy and The Powder Room. I have always been very particular about what ingredients are in my skincare products so I was pleased to see that the Sans collection is non-toxic, chemical and paraben free, not tested on animals, and was also impressed that the Sans ethos applied to the packaging too, which is 100% countertop friendly - no bio-hippy design in sight!

I began my Sans experience with the 'PH Perfect Body Wash' - at 250mls it does look small for a body wash product, but I soon discovered that a little goes a long way - it has a great lather and leaves the skin feeling soft, but not too squeaky and stripped.

I also received the 'Bio Active Body Exfoliant' with micro-fine bamboo particles and ginseng to energise the skin and encourage circulation. The brand advise to use this product once a week but for the first week I got over-excited and used it twice just to get rolling, cutting down to once a week after that. A few uses later my skin texture had dramatically improved, and was noted by the husband, and he never notices things like that!

I follow a shower up with the 'Activator 7 Body + Hair + Face Oil', packed with vitamins A, E and Omegas. I never moisturise my body in the morning as I don't like getting oil on the fabrics I wear so I only use this product at night. If you did use it in the morning skip perfume as it's a stand-alone fragrance. There's something quite therapeutic about lathering your skin in this rich scented oil after exfoliating. I have been using it as a nightly face moisturiser too and haven't had any breakouts.  I've also found that putting a small amount in the ends of my hair prior to washing helps it retain moisture where years of colouring have caused damage.

You can purchase your own Sans products here.