Spending the majority of my life living in New Zealand I have a huge amount of loyalty for the brands who have dressed me for many years. Now that I am based in Australia I have this weird almost motherly protective/proud feeling about them…not that I have ever been a mother, or have much to do with their success (other than my seasonal spends and constant advertising to any stranger who asks about my coat!). When the latest news from Ruby Boutique came to my attention that little fire ball of pride revved on up again - for the first time Ruby has decided to release "Pre Fall", in fact it has already released right here.

Releasing Pre Fall sets Ruby apart from the majority of New Zealand brands, while pre-seasonal releases are the norm for many outside of NZ, it hasn't ever been something that the New Zealand fashion scene has embraced in general. With the shifting of the seasons and the internet audience this will no doubt be a smart move for Ruby, because lets face it, the wait for new season deliveries is always much too long.

Photography Mara Sommer