I always thought Pina Coladas were drinks for a "certain" kind of gal, and by "certain" I mean the kind of girl your Dad hopes you won't grow up to be, but then I did grow up in small town NZ where you can buy them premixed, so forgive me for my ignorance. (I soon learned that when made correctly they are a most refreshing drink, no trashy about it)

Pineapples are everywhere at the moment - the winter has left us somewhat obsessed with all things tropical, colours are bright and our favourite spiky produce item has popped up on clothing, homewares and ceramics, I have just completed a two year project drawing pineapples and fruit (more on that very soon) the pineapple is everywhere, and I love it. Of all the tropical fruits pineapples are my favourite, and up until my doctor told me to cut out the sugar I consumed pineapple juice at every possible opportunity, no cola for me, just pineapple juice on ice, guaranteed refreshment. When I saw this pineapple print by Stolen Girlfriends Club my fondness for pineapples was revived, and this time sans the sugar intake, what could be better for a Bali holiday! The print comes in shorts, a shirt, this fun crop and drawstring pants - the pants are a must, they are ridiculously comfortable and can easily be pepped up with a pair of heels. I played with them high waisted, and also low...which made me feel a little Gwen Stefani so up to high waist they went again. You can shop the current collection here . My favourite Karen Walker Orbit frames worn throughout available here .