An unlikely motivation story

I always loved the movie American Psycho - Christian Bale is one of my favourite actors, and despite playing a nutcase is still exceptionally appealing. The soundtrack is a cocktail of shameful favourites, and I appreciate the film’s ability to horrify and make me laugh all at once…I actually find that a little confusing, kinda like when you’re young and you see a really hot guy, and don’t know how you feel about it just yet. When a friend asked me if I read the book and promptly supplied me with a copy I dedicated my summer to chipping away at it. 

You’re probably wondering how any of the above points could motivate exercise. 

A funny thing happens to me when I read, tell me if I’m alone here, but I find that my outside world choices begin to be influenced by the book. Luckily this influence doesn’t extend to psychopathic tendencies, but something did stand out for me, Patrick Bateman and the “hardbodies”, not to be confused with “dead bodies”, but hardbodies as in fit, toned 80’s babes*

Somehow between pages I decided I wanted to be a hardbody, ‘though not one that Patrick ever met, and so I found myself checking out 80’s hardbody babes and was reminded of the ultimate example, Jane Fonda. 

Jane Fonda has become my ultimate hardbody inspiration, I've been sweating it out to 80’s step aerobic videos, with Genie, Laurel and Mark grinning along with their giant smiles and feeling pepped by lines such as “work your body”. Not only have I found exercise that is entertaining to watch, but all this smiling is making me damn happy. Before you dismiss this old aerobic video I've gotta tell you, the hardbody has become quite an achievable goal, I’ve been sweating more than ever before, and my body is changing fast!

So thanks to American Psycho I am now on a reasonably speedy track to a good set of abs, toned legs and a more uplifted butt, if that’s not the additional inspiration to read more books I’m not sure what is. If you want to work your body out clean and simple and have a smile while you’re at it, this is one of my favourites - you can also occasionally see me sweating it out on Snapchat @kellythompson04

Also as a side note, Cher has an exercise video! 

Thanks Patrick

* If you haven’t seen the movie, or read the book Patrick constantly perves on hardbody waitresses and girls, usually whilst sniffing cocaine and before killing them in a horrible manner.

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