I was not lucky enough to be blessed with that hair that dries naturally slick and smooth, those girls make me sick...with jealousy (of course). My blow drying technique resembles a walk through a car wash during the dry blast stage - no fancy brush rolling, just all over head rotation hot blast until my arm hurts. The final result rings true to my Leo star sign, a fuzzy golden mess, definitely not the Queen of the pride, think bouffant triangle. As an early teen the fuzzy baby hair around my face was tamed wet with rows of bobby pins holding my fringe close to my face where I left it overnight to dry and hopefully wake straight. I was not privy to the luxury of a ghd straightener, this small town girl didn't even know they existed. Permanently straightened fringes (an anti perm I believe) and many many bad hair days later my life was changed the day I got my first ghd straightener, my first straightener that has lasted at least ten years (and numerous floor drops). Not one to fight the volume I have been blessed with, my ghd has become my hair taming saviour -smoothing and curling my shambolic blowave, teaching that baby hair a lesson and grooming me in to the glossy haired girl I always wanted to be, every day my curls are thanks to ghd.

Last week my slumber was woken by an aggressive door knocking courier (who unfortunately witnessed the untamed lion hair) delivering a very exciting and surprise package. Inside was a delightfully packaged jade green straightener perfectly in sync with all of my pastel catwalk daydreams, now my coat matches my shirt, matches my shoes, matches..my hair straightener!! You know how I love my colours. The candy toned collection includes jade, periwinkle and lavender which had someone not chosen for me I would have been quite indecisive about what colour to choose, which one will you choose?

(side note- compulsive order Kelly is also really happy to learn the ghd switches itself off after 30 minutes, no more trips back to the house in fear, hooray!).