My diary didn't make it past 6am for day one, maybe not the best start. After arriving in NZ I found that when I signed a new phone plan (months ago) they reset my data roaming and also re-locked my phone...thanks for letting me know Optus! So I arrived, disconnected, unable to get a NZ sim and had to backup my phone and reinstall it in order to unlock it. As the hotel Wifi couldn't keep up with the 3hour re-install I wearily ventured out to Red 11 Models to weasel in on their internet, I can always rely on them to help me out when in Auckland! That night I came home to find that my Semi Permanent file had also been corrupted and couldn't open...queue tears, but at least I got the red eye and all this frustration in one day right?


Always Sometimes Anytime and Amanda Betts who owns Red Eleven. Despite the day being all shades of grey nothing made me happier than catching up with two great pals, gossiping, talking work and fashion, and catching up on everything that had happened since March when we last saw each other. I couldn't resist taking this snap of their combined silver collection.