So why is it that fashionable gals avoid their sleeves? Part of me wonders if this habit is one that the fashionista doesn't even realise she is doing - something that she has seen, and adopted without asking herself why, why don't those girls use their sleeves, why do I think it's a good idea to do the same? I recently read a blog post where the writer announced that the more layers you wore the more interesting your outfit was, in a time where girls wear a double shirt combo, jumper, pants, skirt and then extra shirt around their waist for good measure maybe their arms have just become too layered to even fit inside a jacket. The dedication to this sleeve free lifestyle is most interesting when despite wind, rain, snow and bare wrists the coat remains precariously shoulder balanced, manicured hands grasp tightly at the neck fighting the slip off the shoulder, and yet the sleeves still remain empty.

For those with an aversion to sleeves, may I suggest a cape, perhaps a vest, or maybe even a blanket this winter, alternatively you could shop any of these sleeve free items below with a simple mouse click.