Many of you who follow my Facebook fan page or Instagram would be familiar with my workspace and where I live right now. My space has been photographed for a few Magazines and blogs recently, and some of you have visited to view prints. I really love working at home, it is such a great open space and in winter there are many perks to staying indoors, but at the same time working at home as a freelancer I get a little cabin fever and just want to get out! 

Here are some recent shots of my space from an interview with me in Fawn Mag.


Recently I have been helping to renovate a new eatery opening in Carlton Melbourne called The Town Mouse, and I have been offered a studio space above the restaurant. I'm going to make the move, and am now currently living out renovation daydreams in my very own space! On Saturday I ripped up the carpet expecting to see wood, but found a layer of brown vinyl with two further layers of underlay underneath. The room is so old and ugly at the moment so Im looking forward to a revamp.


Not the wooden floor boards I expected


Iceblock break!