Sorry for the lack of posts in the last week, I have about ten illustrations on the go, so my inbox and my blog have basically been left behind as I frantically draw. During this week I have managed to make a little time for a couple of lovely emails and Instagrams that people have sent me of my illustrations in their space. There is nothing I love more than getting a glimpse in to the new homes of my illustrations once they have been purchased - I indulgently enjoy seeing the way people interact with my work, how they frame it up, and what they do to make it their own. Though I have no children and have zero experience in that area I liken it to children leaving for University and sending a postcard home "hey Mum, this is what I'm up to" (too dorky? maybe I am).

Here are some snaps of my work in your space that I have been sent. Thanks to all of you for keeping me updated xoxo