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How's your Monday going?

I woke up this morning and swore at my alarm, it was too soon, hopefully your Monday started off with more enthusiasm than mine did!

It has been a fortnight since my last Monday Motivator and this Monday I really feel like I need a little boost, winter is here, it's cold, and going to work sits about 50th in my enthusiasm line with alternatives such as staying in bed watching movies eating baked goods coming up tops. This Monday motivator is just as much for me as it is for you.

Today our moodboard has a whole lot of pink. Pink until about a year ago was my most hated colour, even as a kid pink got the thumbs down, peach was as close as I got, and even then it was far from tops. Now as an adult I'm trying my best to embrace more feminine pink and peachy hues, and when working I am purposely trying to mix up my palette, pink is becoming a possibly ...well almost.

This week I am going to do my best to include pink in something other than this post and if you're feeling a little uninspired I encourage you to daydream with this moodboard, interpret it as you wish and submit any resulting creativity, be it a piece of writing, photo, illustration or film, anything you like.

Submit to and I will share it in a fortnight with full credit in my next Monday Motivator post





Submissions From Last Monday Motivator

Alice McGall was inspired by my previous post, specifically the quote below by Silvia Plath. I love her interpretation as it is something I wouldn't have thought of! Take a look at her site  to see more of her work.

I shut my eyes and all the world drops dead; I lift my eyes and all is born again
— Silvia Plath
Monday Motivation.jpg