Because Mr Mondrian sure knew some things about colour.


Today I saw a trend article in a magazine that was all about rust coloured pieces for Autumn, all I could think about was my Mum's workmate who had rules for seasonal colours, and in Autumn the rust came out, along with copper toned highlights in her hair...inspired, year after year. While the leaves turn brown, and there may be more mud puddles in Autumn, you don't need to blend in to the scenery, make your own seasonal colour rules for 2015!

In comes Mondrian, a more inspiring focus than the stock standard seasonal colour trend forecast...

Mondrian's work from the 1920's focused on grids of black and white, the white often layered and textural, sometimes tending towards grey, and contrasted with pops of bright primary colour. This could in many ways be compared to a modern wardrobe, you have your basics, black pants and jackets, white tees and textured knits, so why not play with primaries, enlist a little colour to bring your wardrobe (and you) to life.

Teamed with black, white or grey (or a combo of them all) a pop of primary is an energising addition to your monochrome. Primary colours liven up your go to classics and come Autumn will ensure you avoid looking like aforementioned mud puddle. So how do you wear them? I'll start lightly for those who need to warm up.



A simple black and white or greyscale look with a primary coloured accessory is a gentle way to ease some colour in to your look. Be sure that the accessory is of good quality or interesting design, because people will definitely look!



Replacing one of your main outfit pieces, such as a coat, or a pair of pants with a primary coloured item creates a bold statement and instant graphic appeal, perfect for the greyest of Autumn days. Once you get used to the colour you will feel nothing but confident and receive compliment after compliment!



If the bold colour freaks you out a little bit, ease in to it with the help of monochromatic patterns with a pop of primary.



If you're long time loyal to the black and white wardrobe, dip your makeup brush in to primary with a pop of yellow eyeshadow or a bold red lip.