I found a collection of abandoned holiday slides at a vintage store and decided to buy them. Even when holding them up to the neon store lights I could tell they would be riddled with scratches and the colours would be faded with creamy whites and tertiary skies. There is something quite strange about looking at the holiday snaps of a stranger, scenarios are imagined and in a moment you find yourself living vicariously through their captured imagery. A similar experience happened when viewing Greta Van Der Star's Miracle Hill, it was that same pastel palette that initially captured my eye, and then my imagination involved itself making stories based on an arrangement of chairs waiting to be put to use by visitors that would never come, dreams of success never realised. Shot on film the prints are even more captivating up close, so be sure to visit the Simon James Concept Store Auckland to take a look.

All images Greta Van Der Star available at Simon James Concept Store