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Midi skirts are where it's at - you don't have to shave your legs past your knees, they're flattering on the waist and hips, and when in wool they are warm and 100% more comfortable than a pair of jeans. You can also sit however you want in them without accidental exposure, and without effort you always look feminine, no matter if you are in heels or in a pair of comfy sneakers. Of all the skirt styles the midi skirt is one that always sits in the background, neither in nor out of fashion, present for generations across many trends, and a go to in the wardrobe season after season. They are always a breeze to wear, midi skirts are my #1.

Wearing this blue lightly sparkled Kate Sylvester Lexie wool skirt this Autumn has me feeling so enthusiastic about the midi that I'm tempted to also get it in yellow , I'm currently making (maxi sized) midi wish lists all over the internet, take a look at some of my favourites below.