MBFWA Resort 16/17 trends yellow - www.kellythompsoncreative.com

Featured outfits above - Maticevski, Manning Cartell, Dion Lee, Bec & Bridge, Bianca Spender

While seated at the Manning Cartell show one well known gal Snapchatted that "Monochrome was over" when confronted with a bright yellow sequinned dress. Not one to pay attention during art class she failed to realise that monochrome can also be executed in varying tones of one colour, and in the instance of the MBFWA 2016 that colour is yellow! They say three is a trend (or something like that right?) and based on that notion I am very pleased to say that yellow is trending...hard. Standouts are the Manning Cartell sequins and silks, Maticevski's structural buttermilk and Dion Lee's icy citrus.

If all this yellow is making you thirsty and you can't wait until Summer, here are some lemonade treats you can wear now. 

MBFWA 2016 Maticevski yellow www.kellythompsoncreative.com