Kelly Thompson Illustration blog manning Cartell MBFWA 2016






The Manning Cartell MBFWA 2016 show palette may just be my favourite of the lot this year. I am never one to resist a bold splash of yellow (looks down to realise she is wearing a yellow jumper while typing this).  An additional bonus was the makeup look by Nicole Thompson, with illumination supplied by my favourite skincare brand Rationale who I regularly pipe up about on this blog and will many more times unapologetically. To get this dramatic look first line inside your bottom waterline with a black eyeliner - I like MAC Technakohl as it doesn't wash away too easily. Following that line along the top water line and thickly along the bottom lashes. Smudge it all in with a black eyeshadow and a good blending brush, then slap on plenty of mascara!

Here are some of my favourite outfits from the Manning Cartell Show, which are your favourites?




Facechart photo - Instagram @leah_draper