There is one thing that stood out when moving from New Zealand to Australia, and that is Australia's penchant for whites and brights. Drycleaners must make a bomb here as Australian fashion pack laugh in the face of stains, don monochrome white and slather on the tans. As soon as my first summer rolled around my dark NZ monochrome and multi-season wardrobe stared back uninspiringly and looked somewhat grumpy (perhaps it knew it was about to be re-merched to the side). I experienced a big trans-Tasman wardrobe hump and felt like I had been missing out.


The latest S/S13 collections at MBFWA proved that Australian's just cant get enough of alabaster tones - so stock up on your stain remover you have a whole summer to get through.

Haryono Setadi 2. Bec & Bridge 3. Alice McCall 4. Zambesi 5. Camilla & Marc


I know that it is now officially Autumn, and you are probably settling in to a delicious roast dinner with dessert right now, or maybe on Sunday, but STOP, put down the dessert and reach under the couch for your Mum's old ab-roller. Midriffs are in, crop tops, slashed tees, cutouts and bra tops could be seen in almost every MBFWA show. In varying lengths and styles the crop manages to work the crowd, from your party girls to your well suited ladies, it's spending time with all the 'It" girls. Luckily the higher waist skirts and pants are not entirely cut just yet, so if you want the crop, and the pie just wear some sky high jeans!

Kahlo 2. Bless'ed are the Meek 3. Michael Lo Sordo 4. Bec & Bridge 5. Ginger & Smart


If you miss the memo about dessert, or the thought of worrying about your posture everytime you sit down makes you sigh, then you will be happy to see that daywear has had a jim-jam-esque makeover for summer. Kimono jackets, calf grazing coats and slinky silk slip dresses will find you sliding from couch to canapes with ease.

Zambesi 2. Vanishing Elephant 3. Romance Was Born 4. Kate Sylvester 5. Bec & Bridge


You can't escape metallics in Australia, and one can understand why when the addition of anything metallic instantly breathes luxe into an outfit. Just be sure to keep your metallics under control so you dont end up looking like Tinman.

Shakuhachi 2. Manning Cartell 3. Camilla & Marc 4. Alice McCall 5. Kate Sylvester


There is nothing quite like feeling the sun on your skin, and even better is the breeze through your clothing on a sweltering day. Sheers layered to create interesting patterns and shapes are the perfect feminine addition to a summer wardrobe, and probably one of my favourite things to wear during warmer months. What better way to show off matching lingerie while keeping modesty in check.

Michael Lo Sordo 2. Bec & Bridge 3. Alice McCall 4. Kate Sylvester 5. Ginger & Smart

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