Lela Jacobs at NZFW 2014 from Garth Badger on Vimeo.

During New Zealand Fashion Week I had much fun teaming up with Garth Badger and his team at Thievery Studios to create three interview videos. While I have done a lot of public speaking and have been interviewed numerous times myself this wasn't something I had ever done before - I was pretty excited, a little nervous, and even after the first video I learnt many things about what works, what doesn't, and what to do in future (new respect for TV pros). The reason that we decided to do these videos was that we have both been involved with NZ fashion in various ways behind the scenes, and we really wanted there to be a lasting piece of memorabilia for the shows. The shows happen so fast, and if you are anything like me you probably find it interesting to hear how it comes together, what the inspiration is, and what it is like to put together a presentation on such scale. The creative process really fascinates me and I always wish I got to hear about it in relation to Fashion Week, so here is my solution! I really hope that we can do many more of these videos to celebrate some of the amazing creatives we know and love. 

The first show Post Dystopian was by Lela Jacobs, a stunning sensory presentation that had me in awe. Not surprisingly Lela approaches her design in a whole hearted creative manner, working collaboratively, and seeking inspiration like a true artisan - multifaceted, with much depth and much consideration. Have a listen to her talk and I am sure you will appreciate her more than ever. 

Film  -  Thievery Studios  /  Thumbnail image for this post  - Four Eyes

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