This is a small post I did for The Collective on A.S.A, a popular music and lifestyle website

When I grow up I want to be Malika Favre.

Even as an established illustrator I still sometimes wish I could illustrate like someone else, and I spend a lot of my time dreaming of becoming an amazing vector artist. My current vector fanclub dedications are aimed in the direction of Malika Favre, who popped on to my radar while I was researching Kama Sutra for a client (true story). Malika created a series of vector-based Kama Sutra illustrations that were turned into animated GIFS (ed: surely the perfect medium for Kama Sutra illustration?), and are spectacular in their graphic minimalism. Recent Clients of Malika's have included Vogue UK, Moncler, Vogue Japan and Vanity Fair.